No God No Peace

…Know God know peace…

Lately, I’ve been having a pretty rough time with my business. So many companies have tightened their budgets because of the economy, and that means my sales (and income) are way down as a result. This has led to many restless nights, getting up at 4am, and having a knot in my stomach most of the day.

As I went to bed last Sunday, I could feel the familiar dread descending. As the knot began forming, I suddenly remembered to reach out to God. Why had I been trying to go it alone? I immediately asked God to be with me right then and told Him I didn’t want to wake up alone. I asked Him to be with me in the morning, to comfort me and to allow me to know His peace.

As soon as I said that prayer, I felt my body relax and the knot disappear. I felt a calm and a peace I hadn’t known for many nights. While I still woke up early, the difference was that I wasn’t worried like the other mornings; rather, I knew the presence of God was with me. As I lay there I just kept thinking – remember it works if you work it!

I also remembered – “No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.”
Mike S.

I add.. Please remember readers that the topic of God, (is your concept of God… Higher Power or?)… the author of this post chooses God…
Rod ;-)