Who is a Winner?

Staying Sober

Newcomers in AA are urged to “stick with the winners.” But who is a winner?

A winner in AA is one who finds sobriety and represents principles that help others find and maintain sobriety. Any person who can help others is a winner.
The losers are people who don’t make enough of a commitment to find and maintain sobriety. It may not be their fault. On the other hand, some losers eventually become winners.

It is not our purpose to apply ratings to various individuals, whether they’re winner or losers. We must know, however, that we cannot benefit from the suggestions of people who do not stay sober. We are looking for the path of recovery, not the road to ruin. The winners are people who can help us in our recovery.

I’ll spend as much time as possible with people who want to stay sober. I have no intention of joining anyone on the road to ruin.

(editor note:.. I dislike the word “loser(s).. however in the context of this post I get the meaning. I just don’t use it myself. R ;-)